Why I am going to move from Sweden

If you have chatted with me on IRC lately you may have noticed that I’ve talked much about moving from Sweden to another country. And many have asked my why I want to do that. Here is my story in English.

In the year 2000 I was starting at a new school. The name of this school is Mikaelgårdens Läkepedagogiska Institut and is located in Järna, outside the Swedish capital city Stockholm. Mikaelgården is an school and home for children that got problems like ADHD and asperger syndrome. The home has the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy and waldorf education as their primary ideas.

When I got a letter from the Swedish military service they said that I didn’t have to do that because they found something in a register. That sort of stuff have followed me in whole my life. And as long as I am in Sweden I think that people that are knowing about my history are going to see me as an idiot. When I changed program at my former history teacher said to me ”are you reading half courses or something?” I don’t like people that says so!

What is it in my medical charts that are so bad? I officially found out a year ago that I got a diagnosis, asperger syndrome. I disagree and in the future I will do everything in my power to get rid of my diagnosis, but it will allways be a part of my medical charts and history.

The only way to get rid of my diagnosis fully is to move from Sweden and thanks to the secrecy get a new life.

You have to apologise me for my English. I am not good at it!



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