Documentary: The Yes Men Fix the World

I’ve just finished seeing the documentary The Yes Men Fix the World. In the movie you can see Andy Bichlbaum och Mike Bonanno, two political activists that with fake websites, a camera and two suits are contacted by BBC and got interviewed as representatives for Dow Chemical Company about the Bhopal disaster. The documentary is about free market, environmental issues and making money even when workers lives are on stage.

Because of the legal issues they got helped distributing this movie they got helped by Vodo and The Pirate Bay.

My interest in this documentary is impersonation; interact as a representative for the government, a company or someone else. When the Yes Men did that they got attention, first as representatives from the company and then for the hoax. That’s a good way to distribute information about something. Like the disaster in India or what dirty business companies are willing to do to gain profit.

Download the documentary


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