Sweden a country in northern Europe

Sweden is a country known for ABBA and Olof Palme. We are also known for The Pirate Bay and our freedom of speech.

The last months has WikiLeak’s founder, Julian Assange been wanted for possible rape in Sweden. Is it an order from pentagon, or just a regular procedure? I don’t know.

When I leave school, graduation in May, I have no idea if I’ll get my grades. After three years in upper secondary school have I lost all trust for the Swedish school-system. As a tax-payer you want free education and a free school where you have the possibility to get straight A. But that’s not the case anymore in Sweden. We are still better than USA, but for how long?

The racism is also growing stronger, the anti-Islam-movement is here to stay. We have now a party in our Parliament that’s hostile to immigrants. Sverigedemokraterna got 5,7% in the election last fall, about 400 000 votes.

Now I want to travel, explore the world.




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